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ed, it is true, greedily by the nobility, secured them an independence, which enabled them to oppose a salutary counterpoise to the pretensions of the crown. The Upper

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House, where the ecclesiastical element had predominated, became essentially a lay house by the absence of the abbots and priors. A public grew up. A new life animated antique institutions that had remained almost useless. It was not, in truth, until later that mighty England, having become decidedly evangelical and constitutional, sat down victoriously on the two great ruins of feudalism and popery; but an important step was take

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motionless in the midst of their ancient darkness. The suppression of th

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e monasteries,

begun in 1535, was continued in 1538, and brought to a conclusion in 1539 by an Act of Parliament. =A PROPHECY.= A voice was heard from these ruined convents, exclaiming: 'Praise and thanksgiving t

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er foundation can no man lay than Jesus Christ. Whoever believes that Jesus Christ is the pacifier who turneth away from our heads the strokes of God's wrath,[221] lays the true foundation; and on tha

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shall raise a better building than that which had the monks for its pillars!' This prophecy of Sir William Overbury's did not fail to be accomplished. CHAPTER VIII. union OF THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND W

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